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Mike Frost is, in the parlance of our times, all about that bass. The Aikenite is a former student of Jaco Pastorius, and his sensei’s influence shows in Frost’s deep understanding of advanced harmony with ferocious technical prowess. But there’s plenty of crisp treble in his eponymous band, whose smooth crossover jazz boasts flourishes of fusion, hard bop, Latin jazz and more. — Patrick Wall, Free Times, Columbia, SC: July 15, 2015

MFB with David Sanborn MFB with Florence Symphony Orchestra


Inside Your Eyes

The long-awaited vocal jazz release is finally here!

Featuring Lauren Meccia, bassist Mike Frost, and pianist Donald Vega of the Ron Carter trio. 

Order now!  $15 + $3 shipping (US only) 

I have been listening to a marvelous cd that introduces Lauren Meccia's incredibly pure voice to jazz lovers everywhere...."Inside Your Eyes" with Mike Frost and Donald Vega. Lauren's vocal on the opening track, Herbie Hanncock's "Butterfly", is beautiful beyond words. I had no idea what an incredible lyric this tune has until her version brought it to my attention. Donald and Mike are right there with her. They both played in my final touring band several years ago and it goes without saying that they are two of my favorite musicians in the world. Please add Lauren to that list. Beyond her vocals, she is a fine saxophonist who's melodic constructions and tone remind me of the late, great Stan Getz. We don't get to hear much of her tenor playing on this record but the soprano work on Atlantis let's us know what we have to look forward to on her next album. -Jesse Colin Young